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Building school kitchen in Elementary school Bugembe Blue

Volunteers of Plavi anđeo Organization came to Elementary school in Bugembe for the first time in 2012. We chose this school because it is the poorest Elementary school in Bugembe, with highest number of children attending (approximately 1200) and least available staff (21 teachers)

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Equipping classrooms with wooden benches

On the island of Busagazi in Uganda, we have built a block of two large classrooms, so that about 700 children could once again attend classes under the roof, when after a huge tropical storm in 2013. school collapsed.


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Project of building classrooms and placing drinking water tank in Busagazi Primary School

A donator signboard has been placed on the school, and signboard with Plavi anđeo logo has been placed on water tank.

So, as well as building the school, we also placed tank for collecting and percolating rainwater. 

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Together awaiting rebuilding of school!

After beautiful welcoming program and extreme gratitude we were showered with due to our help in building school in Busagazi, we continue to assist in building block with two classrooms that began a day before we arrived. 

Ongoing works of digging foundation and laying bricks for walls give great pleasure and satisfaction to all Busagazi inhabitants. 
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Chicken, eggs, goat and limes for Plavi anđeo in Busagazi

 First and foremost, Busagazi is indeed a magical island, filled with green surfaces, facing the lake from all sides. Shortly, the nature is breathtaking and goes to show why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa.  Until 1993, the access to the island was extremely dangerous. People often drowned and were attacked by crocodiles. However, by supplying great quantities of land, a path was made to facilitate the approach, especially to the school attended by children from local villages.

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Help for the orphanage and to the victim families in Kathmandu

The experts say that the earthquake was expected and the additional tremblings are possible.

They knew that another hard earthquake, like the one from 1934. that completely destroyed Kathmandu, will strike, only they didn't know when

The population of Kathmandu is on the rise of 66,5 % and is one of the most populated places on the Earth, with 1,5 million people living below the town, and are directly threatened by the strong earthquakes, while the constructing conditions are awful.

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Help for the primary school Busagazi-Jinja in Uganda needed

The Busagazi-Jinja primary school is situated on the remote lake island Busgazi on the Lake Victoria, Uganda. The "Blue Angel" organization is collecting the donations and any form of help for the reconstruction of the five classrooms that were destroyed during the heavy rainy season and the  winds in the May of 2013. Only the remaining 400 children, of the initial 700 before the destruction, are still attending the classes. Most of the children are orphans or the children from the margins of society that live on that impoverished remote island.

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Rainwater tanks for rural schools in Uganda

SpremnikKisniceBlue Angel Association has kickstarted a project for purchasing and building plastic tanks for harvesting and purifying rainwater, in order to make the access to potable water in rural schools much easier for local children.

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Mission India-Tiruvannamalai

Finally I am contacting you from India, a  beautiful little town called Tiruvannamalai beneath holy mountain Arunachala where Children's house  (the house in which I volunteer) is also located and where you could volunteer in the future. Dear Ms. Kumari opened the doors of her house for all children without parents and has been taking care of them for over a decade together with her husband.

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Volunteer, donate, sponsor

After mission in Kenia and founding of Organization Blue Angel, the Organization raised some funds for children in Franciscan mission. After that, I went to Uganda, in a small, very poor town called Bugembe on the Victoria lake and started with my humanitarian mission. The entire day was filled with activities, getting up at 7 AM and having breakfast, than heading for nearby Elementary school „Bugembe Blue“ where on a daily basis two other volunteers and I interviewed children with one or no parent. That would last until lunch time and after lunch we would return to school to pick up that same children we interviewed in the morning, take them by their hands and go to their houses and visit their families. We would walk for miles and miles sometimes, just like I did in Kenia. There are no streets or house numbers in those villages. But the children know where they live.

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Dear friends,

We are happy to announce our African charity event, filled with great African music, dance and joy...in organization of Plavi anđeo.


Humanitarian Association Blue Angel carries out projects in this part of Uganda, some of the projects have been recently implemented, all about project will tell the president Dragica Kopjar and volunteer Aleksandra Krizmanic who were just returned from this charming country. 
As of today, our project will help in the reconstruction of primary schools Busagazi-Uganda and the installation of the container for the collection and treatment of rainwater. 
You can support the Indiegogo campaign on www.indiegogo.com

The Days of open doors of the organizations 2015. Organizations as the initiators of the local growth.


Dear friends, supporters, donors, sponsors of our little children in Uganda and Kenya, and all other interested parties,

We are happy to announce that soon we see in Varazdin.

Open the bidding pictures of donated graphics from professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, painter Ivica Sisko.

On Friday 28.11.2014.  19 hours in Books, Marticeva 14 d, through Africa and India will spend Dragica Kopjar, humanitarian, volunteer, president of the humanitarian organization Blue Angel, lovers of Africa and Asia.
Three years have passed since the establishment of the "Blue Angel. Small, but still large and challenging three years we celebrated the Humanitarian Event 05.12.2014. In the Club Metropolis. We wanted to pay tribute to our guests something different and more varied program than the one to which we all used in the Czech Home in previous years.

On April 1st of 2014 we started “with a picture-book for the children of Africa” campaign in several kindergartens in Zagreb. We donated the picture-books to the kindergartens and our volunteers, preparing to leave for one of the countries, will read to the children from these picture-books and spend time with the children.

The Blue Angel will be with You in Split on 10/17/2013 at 7pm in Episcopal Seminary hall, Zrinsko-Frankopanska 19, and the same day at the Maritime school of Split.

The Blue Angel will be presented  in city of Zadar, and also to everyone from surroundings who is interested in our work, on 10/3/2013 in city library, Stjepana Radića 11b, in multimedia center.
Many guests from Croatian cultural and social circles gathered at a charitable evening on April 11 in the restaurant Gastro-Globus at the Zagreb Fair for the purpose of encouraging Ivan Tomić on his road to recovery. Singers Mate Bulić, Marko Pecotić and sisters Krstanović contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of the evening. A few songs were sung by Ivan’s classmates, who stayed with him until the end of the evening, showing support.