Charity afro event November 13th 2015.


We believe that you remember extraordinary African music from our previous events that took place. This time as well, our good friends who support us in our projects will take care of well-known African rhythm.


A band SILABA that you had the chance to see last year on our charity event will also perform this year as well as a band VJEVERICA playing on drums. Member of VJEVERICA are people with physical disabilities and are under the instructions of Sam Bushara. Dance group SHEREZADE will perform oriental dance number.

You can expect many new African jewelry from Uganda that you will be able to buy for favorable prices.  Part of the jewelry is made out of paper and is handmade by children.  

We will talk about our actions this September in Uganda on the Busagazi island, show some photos, films and much more…

Donations for ticket for Afro night is symbolic, 40 kn.

All collected donations will be used for equipment of two classrooms in Primary school that we built on the Busagazi island.

This is one of the ways to collect donations for our Project of drinking water in rural areas of Uganda and for other project for children of Africa. Building one water tank in front of Primary school costs approximately 3000$. Imagine how joyful the children would be simply to come to the school and not having to walk for miles to get water that is not even safe to drink. Let’s open our hearts and help them with this small donations. In return you get wonderfully fulfilled evening and notion that you’ve helped a child. Bring your friends, relatives, acquaintances.