The Days of open doors of the organizations 2015.


Dear citizens of the city of Dubrovnik,

The Blue angel organization will present itself and its work to the citizens of the Dubrovnik/Neretva county in the city of Dubrovnik on Lazareti on Saturday 30.05.2015. Please come and visit us at our stand.

The organizations from around the Croatia will open their doors from 28.-30.3.2015. to   present their activities and programs to the citizens. In the year of 2015., the year celebrated in Europe as the European development year, The Days of the open doors of the organizations are the opportunity to further promote solidarity and trust within   the local comunities and to remind us of the role organizations are playing in connecting the citizens in solving their problems and in creating the network of mutual care.

On the manifestation the citizens will be able to participate in the numerous creative workshops, lectures, plays, actions and get familiar with various humnaistic projects and programs, but also with the possibility of becoming the volunteer within the organization.