Event Report

The aim of the evening was to collect donations for the project and the purchase of drinking water tanks for rainwater in Uganda, and in this project are going to help a many performers to who we are very grateful.
The concert was opened by our constant facilitator for cellist Ljerka Končar, and then they surprise us with a musical artist Lana and Sofia and dance group Sheherezade oriental dance. Of course, we could not escape the infectious rhythms of African music with African bands Cairo Kela and Study Guides - though it was an evening that celebrates and helps Africa.
Volunteers Iva Balenović and Aldo Franičević who participated in this year's mission brought out to us their experiences from Kenya. Every birthday deserves its cake and gifts. Delicious cake donated to us by our member Kata Anđelović Marić, and gifts for our guests: Studio beauty Skin Care, Hair Studio Tokyo, Ivana Barač fashion and jewerly Luceat.
The Dalai Lama said that the world does not need more "successful people". The world cries out desperately for the peacemakers, healers, renovators, storytellers and people who will love.
Thanks to everyone who helped us to travel the past three years and of course, everyone who helped us make a nice humanitarian socializing.

May Sruk