Lecture: Volunteering through Africa and India 28/11/2014.

Titled "Volunteering through Africa and India" will show their volunteer time and humanitarian action in Kenya, Uganda, Nepal and India. Through the images of natural beauty, lakes and national parks in Uganda, and you will understand why this country is called the "Pearl of Africa".
And a life of children in the villages will slums perhaps in you to open an even greater compassion and desire to help small friends in the country.
Her fourth trip to India, took Mrs. Kopjar this year in Calcutta, the House of Mother Teresa. "Mother Teresa for me has always been a remarkable woman and an inspiration in my life.
After the founding of the Blue Angel, the desire for visiting and volunteering in the House where she worked for many years, only increased further. I realized my dream, I helped as much as I could, but the experience and the feeling of happiness, joy, pleasure and love is a lifetime.
The feeling that we are all one, that is in us, the creator who created us, he was invisible, and its energy of love is present in everything and in every one of us. "
To live the African atmosphere will make sure friends from Africa on drums.