Equipping classrooms with wooden benches

Even today, after months have passed from construction of school, pupils sit on the floor. We lack benches.

We believe in good people with good hearts who helped us build the school to help as buy benches for pupils.

We are all happy to have built the school, most of all students who eagerly awaited the day it will be finished and joyfully greeted us every morning.

Let’s help them now as well and make their schooling easier. We wish to thank all our donators as well as those who are about to become.

For starters, children attended classes every day beneath the trees, then we built the block with two classrooms so now they attend classes there.


Join our donators and donate for school benches in Elementary school in Busagazi. Donations can be paid on our account in Erste bank: IBAN HR6924020061100610644.

We are extremely grateful to our kindhearted people who donated for the project of construction and renovation of school.