Project of building classrooms and placing drinking water tank in Busagazi Primary School

We are so happy that years of work and effort resulted in something of extreme importance for all Busagazi locals, particularly the children. They are now safer, happier and more motivated for work considering that now they have much better conditions for education.


It is hard to describe the joy and gratitude which they have shown with song, dance and presents.  

Many spoke with great gratitude for organizations Plavi anđeo and MCODE the best way they knew how. We all sang, danced and rejoiced together. Among many spokesmen and signs of appreciation, probably the sweetest one is a picture of little Asija from MCODE Uganda holding a paper with these words written with big letters:

I love Croatia

Thank you Plavi Anđeo

Upon realization of building school and placing drinking water tank, we wish to thank to all who contributed.

We thank our partners on field and organization MCODE for their big help. Of course, classrooms now have to be equipped with desks and chairs. Till then, children will take classes on the floor but with the roof over their heads.

We wish to thank everyone who is donating and supporting us,  and we hope that you will continue to do so in the future so we can be of more help to this school and children. We did this together, provided the opportunity for learning space for 700 children. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank those who stood by us and believed in our projects and work. We built a school with 2 classrooms and placed tank for collecting and percolating water and we did all of that with very little funds. So much can be done in Africa with very little funding. That is why every donation you make is of extreme importance. We wish to thank Polyclinic Kustes and Dr. Mirjana for donating funds to build water tank and shirts for children that they wore on ceremonial.

Thank you, all of you who decided to donate regardless of your modest incomes and pensions so children in Africa could have a better life. Thank you all for donating even 1 kuna because in Afrika, 1 kuna means much more than in Croatia. If well-arranged and organized, much can be done for very little.


Big thanks to Anđela and Darko, Mirta, Gordana, Filka, Ksenija, Josip, Kristina, students from Secondary school of Nautical affairs from Split, students of secondary school Ivan Švear from Ivanić Grada, Kindergarten and many more who believe in what we do.

Next move is collecting donations for chairs and desks in built classrooms. We believe that you will continue to participate in the project.

After realization of projects of building two classrooms and placing drinking water tank in Busagazi Primary School, we visited our sponsored children, delivered presents and letters from their sponsors.  


"Webale nyabo" in Primary Bugembe Blue

It is so beautiful to come again to the same place where everyone, children and adults, are so happy to see you, where you are remembered and called by name. It was exactly like that in Primary Bugembe Blue where all our sponsored children started school 3 years ago.

Countless thanks and handshakes, with every "Webale nyabo". Wide smiles on faces of teacher and friend Opit and teacher Susan says enough. Together we share joy and happiness of the children. 


Day to visit sponsored children in orphanage Child Hope in Bugembe

Both children and adults were happy to see us. As our work in Busagasi came to an end, we also worked in Bugembe. We wanted to spend as much time possible with sponsored children. Thursday Bugembe celebrated Bairam and classes did not take place. Therefore, our sponsored children could gather in Clemency Uganda office that coordinates sponsorships and made a dance performance. There were three groups and it was impossible to decide which one of them was better. We all know that African child has inborn rhythm within and it took very little effort from their part to do all those dance moves.  They proudly wore Plavi anđeo T-shirts as well as donated glasses and they looked beautiful and happy. They made us smile, we had so much fun and then, they surprised us and put their dancing shawls on us which meant that we are invited to join them. We were more than happy to do so. Neto and Zainah joined us and so did other locals from the audience and made an amazing, breathtaking performance. At the end of the event, we gave away presents, food, shoes and letters from sponsors which made all the kids so happy. Of course, it could not go without candies which made children even happier. After this beautiful event and expressions of gratitude and respect from children to sponsors, shoes, food, soap, letters and presents from all over Croatia have been given to the kids. Joy, happiness, celebration, dancing...


After finishing works on school in Busagazi and taking care of our sponsored children, here we are in Kenia, in Kitale.

There is plenty of work here as well. We went shopping for all of the sponsored children. We bought them books, note-books, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, food, soaps and other toilet articles. We visited every child and brought them boxes with all these things. The joy was mutual. First we went to school where most of the children attend classes and read them letters from their sponsors. After that, we went to their homes.

Here in Kenia we also work all day, there is plenty to do and we wish to do it all before we go back to Croatia. Just like in Uganda, one of the local families prepares lunch for us. There is no better food than the local food that they eat. Potatoes, beans, lentil…no seasoning, all natural flavors….

Spending time with lovely students of Secondary school Grace Heal in Kitale.

Students of Grace Kitale cheerfully welcomed us with their dance performance and we joined them right away. There we also sponsor children so we gave away presents letters from sponsors. Also, our volunteer Aleksandra gave a two-hour lecture from biology. She adjusted really well in the class that also few students her age attend so on the end there was many various questions. Our volunteers from last year also volunteered in this school and are remembered with joy. This school is very different from other Secondary schools. 

Grace Heal is a Secondary school with only 40 students and 6 teachers who volunteer. It is located near town Kitale. It was built 4 years ago under the kind and enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Kefe. Seeing how many young people give up on education due to poverty and end up engaging in criminal activities or prostitution, he wanted to give them a new chance. Continuing education for most means getting out of hopeless situation as well a chance for better future. This school is little, poor. Two rooms where 10 girls sleep serves also as a kitchen. Due to small space and insufficient number of toilets, it cannot be registered nor can it receive support from Kenyan government.  There is also the issue of registration fee that costs 2000 $. Never the less, it does not stop teachers or students to achieve great results, contrary, few students already enrolled desired colleges. A great potential is visible among current students. Anyway, they deserve your support on the path to a better life.