Together awaiting rebuilding of school!

Children are particularly excited about this and we wish to share their joy with you.

New school year began but classes are still held outside under the trees. "School in the nature" will continue until two new classrooms are finished. Due to these conditions, only 200 students attend classes out of 600 children in that area that should attend.

Considering the fact that school in Busagazi has only one classroom, without desks and chairs,  classes are held in that one classroom and on the floor while remaining two classes are held under the tree.

Our organization is still collecting funds for the school so it is not too late to help us with this project with your donations. Every contribution is welcome so we can provide this children better living conditions and right to education, that is, to provide them with possibility to use their  fundamental rights according to UNICEF Convention on the rights of the child.

Donations can be paid on to following account; IBAN HR 6924020061100610644, Erste bank

While works on rebuilding two new classrooms are in progress, every help is welcome. We would like to completely finish all works before we return to Croatia and besides two classrooms, we would like to finish installing water tank that will enable access to drinking water by collecting and purifying rainwater.  Inhabitants of Busagazi currently have no drinking water.   
Water is brought from larger distances and children are usually the ones in charge of bringing the water. If they would be free from the worry of supplying water to their families and that water usually not suitable for drinking, they could attend school regularly. If we manage to realize our project, with your help,  children will regularly got to school and use clean water from the tank throughout the entire year.

Concurrently with rebuilding the school, we are visiting local villages in search of poor families with children to include in sponsorship program.  If you wish to be involved and become child's sponsor, please let us know.

Here is our first story of brother and sister: Daphne i Ivan Nabuma 

Sister and brother are taken care of by their aunt and uncle after their mother passed away and father abandoned them.  When their mother found out she had HIV, she came by herself with Daphne and Ivan to live with her sister. She died soon and aunt and uncle find it very hard to put her children to school since they also have three sons, age 13, 11 and 7. Therefore they need support. Ivan (7) is already in school, one kilometer away from their home and little Daphne (4,5) is looking forward to future school obligations. As every child would, they were so happy when we gave them candy. These children are extremely modest and withdrawn so when they express happiness for the smallest thing, it is very touching.

Little Daphne is particularly quiet and sweet but when we gave her flip-flops as a present, she was over the moon. Considering conditions of their humble and poor environment, we returned the following day with a mattres so the children can sleep on it.

While we impatiently await for final works in Busagazi  Primary school, we visited Bugembe where we were greeted by the children we sponsor. We measured size of their feet by taking prints. Children were so happy when they found out that they'll be given shoes and we were so happy for them. We saw a great progress with the sponsored children which made us even more convinced that even the smallest donation is enough to provide for a better future. Happy smiles of Bugembe children were enough reward for us.

Dear sponsors, you made this happen
Great thanks to our coordinators on field taking care of them while we are away.   

 A wave from all the children and us from Bugembe. 

While construction of our two classrooms progresses daily, brick by brick, and all under the supervision of the president of "Plavi anđeo" organization and our partners from MCOD organization, we bring you a following story from village in Busagazi about beautiful family with many children.

This time, for sponsorship program in Busagazi, we chose little girl Nalongo.

If you wish to become her sponsor or sponsor for another child, please contact us!!!

In this part of the world, many beautiful open-hearted people live and are in need of our help.

Nalongo (6) is a smart little girl who attends baby class, and shows great results from math. When she grows up, she wants to become a doctor. She lives with six brothers and sisters, mother and a father who did not heal properly from brucellosis and is frequently ill. All the children happily play with animals raised by their parents and neighbors and later animal products are given away. They greeted us with joy.

We cheered them up with candies, glasses and flip-flops and they gave us a duck. It was a beautiful time spent with  Natalya (12), Nyanzi (10), Rose Abo (8), Nalongo (6), smiley face Lydia (4), Jessica (3), Dinah (1). Father is fishing so he can earn enough to pay tuition fee for three oldest children and to cover preschool fee for the other two. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet their mom because she left for Jinja to take care of older ill sister.  

These children need us, and You. Help us with your donations.

Thanks from the bottom our hearts to all donators who have helped us and are helping us as well to those that are about to become ones.


A big thanks to our lovely Filka who donated glasses for the children.