Chicken, eggs, goat and limes for Plavi anđeo in Busagazi

Approximately 600 students should have attended the school, but in spring 2013 during the storm, the school was rased and children were left without necessary space for attending classes.  Plavi anđeo , in cooperation with humanitarian organization from Uganda MCODE, started to build two classrooms so that all children could attend classes. This week, being the first week of school, only about 200 students are attending. However, this number also amazed us given the welcome program they have thrown for us.   

After official speeches and acknowledgement received from head officials of the school and the County, students gave us quite a show performing traditional dances and songs. Beautiful voices, elegant moves and natural rhythm left us speechless. After that, their parents made equally breathtaking performance as a sign of gratitude. There was a lot of singing, dancing, smiling and happiness throughout the entire day.  It is hard to describe the effort made to organize the program and their immense gratitude for Plavi anđeo.  The president of organization Plavi anđeo, Ms. Dragica Kopljar, as a sign of gratitude, was given few gifts; full bag of limes and as a declaration of greatest honor was given eggs, chicken and a goat.

After that, we went to see improvised classrooms that are located beneath the trees, and also to see the foundation for classrooms that Plavi anđeo started building and water tank that will later be placed. Then we had a meeting where we agreed on the program of activities during our stay in Busagazi after which we had lunch with officials of the school and MCODE organization and were served with their finest dish; rice and fish from the lake. 

Besides a lot of gratitude, Ntegge wished that we continue to support them because there is so much more that the school needs – sanitary measures, kitchen and more classrooms. Locals of the island thank all our present donators as well as future ones, and wish that you continue to support Plavi anđeo in helping to build the school in Busagazi.

At the moment there is no internet access in the town, no internet cafés, accommodation facilities or eating establishments so depending on our abilities we will keep you posted on progress of this project.

Best regards to all from island Busagazi and Buikwa.