Help for the orphanage and to the victim families in Kathmandu

The earthquake on Saturday caused 3 new avalanches on the Mount Everest which caused a great fear among the climbers traped in their camps, and the trembling could be detected all the way in New Delhi which led to the subway traffic suspension. The new hard earthquake with the 6,7 magnitude hit the same area on Sunday.

The experts's esimations that the number of victims could climb up to a few thousand, unfortunately proved to be true as the formal statistics of the nepalese police department estimates at least 2500 victims. The search for the survivors beneath the remains is in progress as the lifeguards informed that the first 72 hours are crucial in the search for the victims traped beneath the construction remains. Beside Nepal, there were victims in India and on Tibet.
The capital Kathmandu and its surroundings were severely affected by the earthquake, while the lifeguards desperately seek for the victims.
The ruins and the dead people are innumerable, and the fact that additional earthquakes (at intervals of  a few hours) that hit the area after the strongest one of the 7,9 magnitude, doesn't contribute in the quest for the survivors.

A blessing in disguise was that the schools were closed on Saturday, otherwise the tragedy would have been much more severe. In the capital Kathmandu, the numerous historical buildings were destroyed, tha transportation was stopped, and the airport was closed.

The earthquake also severely damaged the famous Durbar square in Kathmandu that is on the list of UNESCO world heritage list. There are 7 monuments, included in the world heritage list, located in the town and the surroundings.

The residents of the Kathmandu are in the fear that the situation in the city centre, where the lifuguards still didn't manage and where the epicentre of the earthquake was, is even worse. The constructions in the poorer parts of the city  werer affected the most.

The orphans from the SDC orphanage, where our volunteers work, are fine although they do not sleep in the house but in the camp in the open beacuse of the possibity of new tremblings and the earthquakes. The people were left on the streets without homes and food.

The blue angel is starting the action of the donations collection for the victims in Kathmandu and the children in the orphanage to at least ease the situation to the families and the children.

You can include in the action by donating to our account in the Erste bank IBAN HR 6924020061100610644 with the note: for the orphanage SDC Nepal and the families in Kathmandu.

We believe that your hearts will open as they always did in the similar situations and that we will together collect enough to at least ease those hard moments for them.

Yours sincerely,

Blue Angel

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