Help for the primary school Busagazi-Jinja in Uganda needed

The Busagazi-Jinja primary school is situated on the remote lake island Busgazi on the Lake Victoria, Uganda.
The "Blue Angel" organization is collecting the donations and any form of help for the reconstruction of the five classrooms that were destroyed during the heavy rainy season and the  winds in the May of 2013.
Only the remaining 400 children, of the initial 700 before the destruction, are still attending the classes. Most of the children are orphans or the children from the margins of society that live on that impoverished remote island.

After the destruction of the school block with the classrooms, the school was left with only 2 classrooms, and for that reason, at the moment some of the classes are thaught in the open air, under the trees within the scool area. Therefore, the children are exposed to the effects of the bad weather: the dust during the dry season and the rain and the cold during the rainy season, which endangers their health.
All of those reasons led to the bad academic results and the absence of the children from the school,   because the children are forced to hide under the porch during the rain, as the 2 classrooms are not sufficient for all of the sudents.
Consequently, the classes in the whole school were canceled which had a negative effects on the academic development durig the rainy season.
The long-term effect were the loss of morale and confidence in school, so the half of the initial children left the school. As it is the only available school on the island, the urgent restoration is required. 

The condition of the school also led to the resignition os some teachers who were forced to find the better working environment. If the conditions remains the same, it could have a bad side-effects on the quality of education of the pupils, as it takes a lot of time to find the replacements to the current teachers. Also, the parents could also lose the interest and the confidence in the school, if the conditions remain same.

That means that the children will be force to work in the agriculture, and that they will not be able to continue the education if they won't have the parents's support.

To avoid the possible consequences becuase of those conditions, we are looking from the  help of the generous people for the reconstruction of the above mentioned block of the five classrooms, which we think will help solving the problem, and even more important, provide the confortable workspace for the marginalised children of the remote island.

We ask all of the people with the big heart to get involved in the project and provide the  necessary education in the confortable environment for the children.

"All of us can create the "big deeds", but we can the small ones with love" – Mother Teresa