Rainwater tanks for rural schools in Uganda

SpremnikKisniceBlue Angel Association has kickstarted a project for purchasing and building plastic tanks for harvesting and purifying rainwater, in order to make the access to potable water in rural schools much easier for local children. Those children need to travel long distances to reach the water which is neither clean nor suitable for drinking, all because they have no access to clean water near their homes. Moreover, the roads which lead to water springs are often extremely dangerous. Since they need to walk for miles and miles to reach the water, the children are always late for school, and this poses a problem especially for girls who need to pass through deserted and desolated roads to get there. Because of this, they are often abused and raped which scars them for life. If built, the rainwater tanks will enable the children to have permanent access to fresh and clean water, and consequently they will attend school regularly.

The majority of schools have a roof which can harvest enough water to last for a month, before it rains again. The tanks can hold 15 000 liters or less.
We are fundraising to build brick and cement foundation, as well as a new rainwater tank for school which altogether costs about 3,000 $. Installing the tank and purifying the rainfall will make sure the children have pure, drinking water all throughout the year.

SpremnikKisniceYour donations will be used to:
-Facilitate the access to drinking water and help combat waterborne diseases which affect so many school children and their teachers. This will also improve hygiene and sanitation.
-Help children get to school on time, thus improving their grades and their overall school success.
-Encourage children to continue with their education by lowering the number of unwanted pregnancies.

 We also aim to provide at least one meal per day for schoolchildren who live in the rural areas of Uganda since so many of them cannot afford it because the majority of families earn less than a dollar a day. That would definitely help to encourage those
children to attend school regularly.

spremnici kišniceYou can make your payment on a Blue Angel Association Erste bank account:

IBAN HR 6924020061100610644
Purpose: Donation for rainwater tank

We thank the students of Nautical High School in Split and professor Blaskov who have been participating in the project since last year, after our presentation in Split. They are collecting money and sending their donation on a monthly basis.
We kindly invite schools, companies and everyone who wishes to help to get involved in this project and donate so that the first tank can be installed by summer.

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