With a picture-book for the children of Africa Campaign

On April 1st of 2014 we started “with a picture-book for the children of Africa” campaign in several kindergartens in Zagreb. We donated the picture-books to the kindergartens and our volunteers, preparing to leave for one of the countries, will read to the children from these picture-books and spend time with the children.


picture-book for childern


It is essential our volunteers are prepared well for working with children in African orphanages and we hope to provide them with some experience via this campaign. We understand there are no real similarities between kindergartens and orphanages, but nevertheless we believe our volunteers will find the time they spend with children in kindergartens valuable for their future volunteering endeavors in Africa.

The picture-books were a gift from the Neohumanist Centre in Karlovac that each year organises a primary school level competition for the best picture-book, by the name of “My first book.” The children make the illustrations and compete. The Karlovac association gave us a large number of these picture-books, including the winning ones, some of which we give to the kindergartens while the others go with our volunteers to Africa. The picture-books are approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, that is, the competition is sponsored by them.

The campaign has been joined by several kindergartens where we will place our charity boxes and the children and their parents can make donations for our projects we plan to accomplish this summer in Uganda and Kenya.

The kindergartens involved are:

The “Jarun” Kindergarten, Bartolici 39a, Zagreb

Subsidiary units: Martina Pušteka 14

                         Ante Pandakovića 2

 The “Sv Vinko Paulski” kindergarten, Frankopanska 17, Zagreb

The “Izvor” kindergarten, Dezeliceva 30, Zagreb

The “Krijesnice” kindergarten, Krajiska 7a, Zagreb

The “Tresnjevka” kindergarten, Badaliceva 24, Zagreb


Thanks to everyone who joined the campaign!