Goals and activities

Organization Blue Angel  engaged in humanitarian work, volunteering and helping children and the poor in the world is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization, founded for the purpose of gathering, joining and activities of members of the Organization in promoting human values and solidarity among society, improving quality of life of an individual and wider social community, awakening and encouraging life in love, happiness and joy.

Activities of the Organization Blue angel will be directed mostly on most endangered categories of population in Croatia and the world, and particularly in Africa where help is most needed to: children without parents, elderly, disabled, poor single mothers with many children and families with many children by gathering and distributing funds through donations and sending help in form of companionship, practical and psychological help and financial help and all in accordance with Law on humanitarian aid.

Organization will organize public forums, counseling, seminars, workshops, presentations in the purpose of awakening  people about the need to be included in humanitarian work in Croatia, including others in volunteer work and cultural exchange in Africa and other world countries, about the need to develop compassion among people and spreading peace, love and joy within ourselves and around us keeping this motto in mind: " Live from the heart, not from the mind".

Organization will organize humanitarian concerts, shows and similar manifestations, in accordance with the law, and organize various exhibits in the purpose of gathering and sending financial aid for most endangered population in our community, Africa and all over the world. The Organization will develop the program of international cooperation and including work similar organizations in Croatia and outside Croatia.

The Organization Blue angel was registered in October 28th 2011 as a humanitarian organization, identification number: 2810874.
Blue angel has a recognizable logotype made in a way that big blue letter A in the middle makes the body of an angel, above is a head with golden halo and blue wing from each side. Beneath it is a blue line. Every copying and/or usage of this logotype is strictly prohibited without the approval of responsible person of the Organization.

Blue angel was founded by Dragica Kopjar after living through the greatest tragedy of her life, losing her son who died  on railroads. Immediately after Dragica Kopjar quits her job and leaves for humanitarian mission in Africa. It was impossible to stay indifferent to what she has seen and devotes her entire being to humanitarian work and volunteering in the Blue angel Organization, helping with various activities and projects for children in entire Africa.