Mission India-Tiruvannamalai

Finally I am contacting you from India, a  beautiful little town called Tiruvannamalai beneath holy mountain Arunachala where Children's house  (the house in which I volunteer) is also located and where you could volunteer in the future. Dear Ms. Kumari opened the doors of her house for all children without parents and has been taking care of them for over a decade together with her husband.

There are 30 children and you can feel love all the way. Ms. Kumari, also an orphanage, takes care of them as her own children. I am staying at Sri Ramana ashram, before noon I go to Arunachala mountains and after noon when children arrive from school, I am there...Today is Sunday, I brought them banane for after lunch and for lunch they had rice and vegetables with coconut. I was so glad to be able to participate in all that, to prepare and give out food…I combined spiritual work with humanitarian work because those two always go together...when I stayed here for the first time over a year ago, I liked it so much and I said I will most definitely come back. And here I am...Arunachala / holy Shiva Mountain sending out its powerful energy over the whole town and everyone who wants to find peace will find it in ashram.

You can already sign up for volunteering and make donations for children on the account of Organization. It takes a lot of money to feed 30 children on a monthly basis, even though they have one meal in the school. It is very hot here but after north of India where I was freezing, I am fine with it.

Dear all, it is hard to describe emotions and love surrounding this place, the house in which children feel so happy. Every day they greet me with new flowers to put behind my ear, they brush my hear, they teach me how to play some new game, ask questions about everything. I bring them fresh fruit thanks to kind Ondina who donated some funds for the kids. Thank you Ondina from the bottom of our hearts! When some potential future volunteers ask me what is a volunteer supposed to do and how volunteer's day looks like, it is very hard for me to explain. It all depends upon the person and we are all different, some of us are spontaneous and some us more  inclined to playing by the rules. I am very spontaneous with children and I never know ahead what I am going to do. I just am and do in the moment and something is happening all the time. In case you wish to make a donation for these children, as payment purpose, please write: donation for children in India.

Thank you all in advance.


Dragica Kopar

February 24th, India