Help for the primary school Busagazi-Jinja in Uganda needed

The Busagazi-Jinja primary school is situated on the remote lake island Busgazi on the Lake Victoria, Uganda. The "Blue Angel" organization is collecting the donations and any form of help for the reconstruction of the five classrooms that were destroyed during the heavy rainy season and the  winds in the May of 2013. Only the remaining 400 children, of the initial 700 before the destruction, are still attending the classes. Most of the children are orphans or the children from the margins of society that live on that impoverished remote island.

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Rainwater tanks for rural schools in Uganda

Blue Angel Association has kickstarted a project for purchasing and building plastic tanks for harvesting and purifying rainwater, in order to make the access to potable water in rural schools much easier for local children.

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Mattresses and blankets for Ugandan children

Blue Angel association has initiated its projects in one of the poorest parts of Uganda, in the town of Bugembe. We will do humanitarian work in the larger social community of that impoverished settlement where people live in slums, as well as in the Bugembe Blue Primary School, where volunteers are going to work.

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Child sponsorship in Uganda

Humanitarian association Blue Angel closely cooperates with association from Uganda – country positioned on Lake of Victoria, with river Nile running through and borders with Congo, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Ruanda.
Besides arranging programs for volunteers in Uganda, is also a mediator when it comes to child sponsorship, setting sponsorships for children under custody of Clemency Uganda.

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Project: Cooperating with Croatian schools

About our project: Cooperating with schools in Croatia
The organisation “Plavi andjeo” is developing its new project in Croatia, in which it strives to include even its youngest supporters. The purpose of this project is to sensitize our primary school and high school pupils to matters of life in Africa and Asia. From our experience we can tell our students are very interested in this particular topic.
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House building project for impoverished families in Uganda

After visiting many poor villages and families of Bugembe, the president of Blue Angel association Dragica Kopjar decided to start a house-building project for poor families in Uganda. The costs for a new mud house with two rooms range from 600 to 1000 dollars on their own property and brick houses cost twice as much.
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Equipping classrooms with wooden benches

On the island of Busagazi in Uganda, we have built a block of two large classrooms, so that about 700 children could once again attend classes under the roof, when after a huge tropical storm in 2013. school collapsed.
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Building school kitchen in Elementary school Bugembe Blue

Volunteers of Plavi anđeo Organization came to Elementary school in Bugembe for the first time in 2012. We chose this school because it is the poorest Elementary school in Bugembe, with highest number of children attending (approximately 1200) and least available staff (21 teachers)
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