The nonprofit organization "Blue Angel" will collect the funds directly without the intermediary to send and give to those who need it most, without mediation of large organizations and the loss of funds on the salaries of employees of the Association, the travel expenses, entertainment expenses and more. All of us founders and other members of the Association, working for free and with a heart for the Association in all actions and do not receive any compensation for it.

Donated money really comes to those who need it most. We can inform all donors, if they want, where their money were used. Donors can decide for which action they will donate money and we will accept the decision or they can let us to decide who need their donation the most.

At the moment we are raising founds for children of Kenya: Reconstruction of high school, scholarships for children from large and poor families to buy food for hundreds of people and children in the camp, to build houses John’s family, and for the monthly delivery of food to families with 12 or more children. We believe that your hearts are open every day more and more, and that you will join the action and help the children of Africa, at least in small part, which means children will have carefree childhood.

Center for the charity work, volunteering and helping children and the poor in the country in the world, "Blue Angel" was founded by Dragica Kopjar after she returned from a month-long humanitarian mission in Kenya, where she could not remain indifferent to all the bad things she saw and which she met visiting distant villages and many poor families without homes, food, clothing and footwear. Back in Croatia immediately adhere to and that was all legally established this association and began to prepare humanitarian projects.

The headquarters of the Association is at this address:
Marijana Dragmana 2
10000 Zagreb

Registered under number: 21008832 28.10.2011.
VAT number: 2810875
Personal number: 90077990026
Bank Account number: Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d.
IBAN HR 6924020061100610644