dhDo a good deed and get involved in the struggle against the world hunger and poverty. Even your smallest donation can mean a lot to someone who has nothing, and in Africa the small amount of money is very much and can save and change someone else's life. Thanx to your donation, instead of hard work for the survival during the early childhood, the child will attend school and have a daily meal, improve in his/hers education and have hopes for the future. Contact us if you are a family and wish to donate for a socially endangered family in Uganda or Kenya with many children, donate for their food, for children's education, buy a goat or a cow for them, take care of them in a long term.

We work to help the individuals and families, we give them freedom to grow and develop as they wish and we respect the right to live for every living being.
By donating your money today, you are helping the Blue Angel organization in their activity of helping and making happy as many children as possible in Croatia and the world. We need a financial help for all the planning and charity work. We believe that our actions and projects are a unique chance for You as an individual or for your company to be among the first that will support this type of activism aimed to help the socially endangered children in Croatia and to establish a collaboration with the „third world“ countries, where the highly creative people, the ones that wish to end the vicious circle of poverty with their work and who want to contribute to the changes and prosperity for themselves, their families and the comunity they live in, are needed to get involved

You can donate for all our actions and projects to our account of the Blue Angel centre. For the purpose of your payments, check one of our actions you wish to donate for, or just mark it as „Donation“, if you leave the donation decision to us.
Sve donacije uplaćene u poslovnicama Erste&Steiermarkische bank d.d. na naš žiro račun, oslobođene su plaćanja naknade banci.

- for the purchase of the food for the socially endangered families in Bugambe (the bags of rice, flour, beans... 1 bag 50$)
- for the blankets, matresses, the mosquito protection nets for the children
- for the backpacks and the school accessories for the children
- for the shoes and the uniforms for the children
- for 1 meal in the school
- for the sponsorship for the children -30$ a month
- for the renewal of the primary school in Bugambe and for the upgrade of the school kitchen
- for the children in the Child Hope Ministries orphanage
- for the purchase of 1 cow or a goat for the socially endangered and large families – 50 $
- for the construction of the house of mud for the large families – 600-1000 $
 -for the purchase of the water purification container and the rain collector in the rural schools – 1 15.000 litre container costs 2.800 $)
- for the aid for the socially endangered families with many children in Croatia, for their education and the purchase of books and school
- for the crisis fund (fund ment for the crisis situations to help a family)
- for the organization's activities (promo materials, web page maintenance...)

Check the slip (the payment method) above:

The payments information

IBAN:  HR 6924020061100610644     Erste banka d.d. (without the payment fees)

You can also donate if you own a Diners credit card, and convert your reward points into the Blue Angel donation (the code  HM054 Plavi anđeo).

In the case of American Express credit card, to conwert your reward points, follow the link:
What we offer to you in return (legal entities that decide to donate to the Blue Angel):

-priceless gratitude for recognizing the meaning and quality of our actions and charities and for wishing to be a part of  the worthy -Vaš logo na plakatima i publikacijama vezanim uz predstavljanje udruge na raznim događanjima i aktivnostima udruge
-Your logo and the Vaš logo i the expression of gratitude on our web page
-the expression of gratitude for your support and mentioning your or your company's name during every television appearance (if we are allowed), as in every newspaper or magazine
-the possibility of your company's presentation at the organized concerts during the year

We would be pleased and open to talk to You and consider all of your suggestions and other possibilities of support and the donations amounts

Donations made through the Blue Angel centre decrease the tax base up to 2%
of the total turnover in the preceding calendar year, for the legal and physical entities

"I am a little pencil in the hand of God, who writes a love letter to the world." - Mother Teresa